среда, 21 декабря 2016 г.

This year I started with a useful and beautiful gift: the robot cleaner Gutrend fan pet. In the five months of use, my opinion of him changed from full no perception and bewilderment, until hot affection.

At first, I was with him a little bit, "butting". That rearranged database, the virtual wall is not the end of the set. Another experimented about the fact that you can leave on the floor, and it is better to clean. If it was time to write a review in the first weeks after use, would be put on the average score is less likely. So it is good that this idea has postponed until May, the month)) Now I'm not a robot, as without hands.

I noticed one significant drawback that the deferred cleaning can only be made up to 18 hours ahead. If you put more timer goes astray. However, a scheduled cleaning I put on 10 in the morning, so that I do not interfere.

As for the quality of cleaning, I have no complaints here. Any dissatisfaction with the vacuum cleaner Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, as I understand it, is related to organizational moments: to prepare the area properly expose the station to discover areas that need to be protected from accidental collision. Over time I learned to do it for 5 minutes, so even for the preparation of this process does not think so.

With garbage suction problems do not occur. The power of a vacuum cleaner is enough to draw not only small but also large debris. Brushes are long and flexible, capture dust particles and immediately sent to the suction port. Dust-tank (dust-collection, if you like) is filled slowly, as if the dust is compressed a bit, so fit in a container is really a lot.

Visible dirt is left after cleaning. Very rarely I notice a few specks near the walls or around the carpet in the hallway, but I think it is quite permissible error, which does not bother me.

Like that the vacuum cleaner is very light and small, and the optimum height for the level of our batteries, so I do not need to pick out his all every secluded villages.

Sometimes it scares spontaneous movement trajectory. It is not bought, I do not think that everything is running. The vacuum cleaner does not like wires (untangling function does not work as it should).

Disadvantages that indicated I do not consider critical. They have all this equipment, and you just need to realize that the robot vacuum cleaner will not replace normal. But as an extra, involved in the daily cleaning, machine cleaning it really has no equal. Judging by the freshness of air in the apartment, filters actually work. Visually, too, he noted that the garbage has decreased. Coupled with the fact that I really easier by the fact that it is not necessary to drive daily from utretsa the apartment with a broom, vacuum cleaner feel very useful acquisition.

The robot cleaner bribed us by its compactness. Round, 30 cm in diameter and 7.5 in height, weighs less than 2 kg - it is possible to be moved from one room to another or run on automatic cleaning. Through the rapids 11-12 mm moved easily. If you have to face high hurdles - turns back. The same principle works with the virtual wall. That is to consciously limit the area for their movement - to improve the quality of cleaning, or to shield from the wires, which is full near the computer desk!

What is particularly liked: a compact, stylish. Very powerful and maneuverable, fast and thoroughly. Some modes are included for yourself, for example, a zigzag movement of the passage between 2 obstacles. Good equipment + control that simplifies the work.

.From Disadvantages: you can not install custom automatic cleaning, for example, 3 days a week - just on every day. If you have a large amount of dirt polotёr can not cope, we have to run it again or the old fashioned way). I would like to be able to choose the days of work and set switch technology. However, if you are using the platform for cleaning floors, it is best to apply it at least every other day.